Master the Art of Braiding Short Hair with These Pro Tips

There are one thousand and one hairstyles available in the hair world ranging from braids to hair dye, knots or even longer hairs with the help of extensions. Those with short hair are not left out of these possibilities as they can do almost all these awesome hairstyles.


Although most traditional braids are difficult to achieve on short hair, there are still many styles you can rock. It may be messy to braid short hair but with the right steps and lots of practice, you can learn how to braid your short hair for different occasions. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Braiding Short Hair 

Here are some steps on how to braid short hair. Let’s get right into it!

Step 1: Ensure Your Hair is Clean and Dry

It is best and easier to start your braiding on clean, dry hair as it will make the process easier and leave your braids looking neat. You can wash your hair with a dry shampoo to soak up excess hair oil, then finish up with a detangling conditioner. 


Comb your hair to remove knots. If your hair tangles quickly, you can divide them into small sections and make a ponytail with each of them.

Step 2: Select a Hairstyle

There are many braid styles you can rock but be sure to choose braids that are suitable for short hairs as some styles work better with longer hairs. 

Step 3: Gently Part your Hair Down

Depending on the style of braiding you wish to wear, you can part your hair either from the left side, the right side or from the centerline. Use a rat-tail comb or a pin-tail comb to make the parts as neat and straight as possible. Brush the parted hair to remove knots; you can choose to hold down the other side of the hair using a hairpin.

Step 4: Split the Hair into Three Sections

Divide the hair into three equal parts as this will give the braid an even look. Touch every section to fish out hidden knots, you can use your fingers to detangle them.

Step 5: Braid the Portions Gently but Firmly

Start by crossing the right portion of the section over to the middle section; while the middle section becomes the new right portion, the former right takes the position of the middle section. 


Cross the left portion over the middle section again to make a full braid cycle. Repeat this process as many times as possible till you achieve the desired length. Make sure your fingers are close to the root so as to get most of your hair into the braid. 

Step 6: Secure the Braid’s End

Use a small hair band to secure the end of each braid; this will prevent the hair from getting loose and help increase the lifespan of the braids. 

You can add hair extensions to make your braids longer or add more color to your hairstyle. If you are using hair extension, be sure to braid each section with the same quantity of extension unless you want the braids to look bigger.

If your hands feel tired while braiding, pause for some seconds but hold the hair firmly to avoid getting loose. 

Best Braids for Short Hair

Some braid styles are suitable for short hair and will protect your hair as well. Here are some of the best braids for short hair:


  • Cornrows

Cornrows sit flat directly on the scalp, they usually run from the front of the hair to the back although you can choose different directions or patterns. This braid style is best for short hair as they protect the hair from damage while helping it grow longer.


  • Box braids


Box braids are very popular and can be achieved with hair extensions. You can make this style on hairs that are very short but you must hold the extension firmly to the hair to avoid slipping out. Box braids can be made to any length and style. 


  • Mini braids


Mini braids are just like box braids but tinier and shorter; the braids are made to be just the same length as the hair and there is no need for hair extensions. This hairstyle helps to stretch the hair but they can be time-consuming during installation or removal. 

Guidelines for Braiding Short Hair

Here are some do’s and don’ts you should consider before braiding short hair:


  • Use the services of an experienced hair maker if you want a complex style for your short hair.
  • Do not braid your hair tightly. Tight braids do not extend the lifespan of the hairstyle, rather it causes hair loss.
  • Give your hair some time to recover before going for another braid.
  • Do not braid your hair when wet, this will cause the hair to be slippery resulting in tight braids.
  • Always wash and deep condition your hair before braiding, this will ensure your braids come out neat and smooth.
  • Do not pull all the edges of your hair into your braids, you may damage the hairline. Leave out little hair on the edges as a form of protection. 
  • Select only the right type of braids for your short hair. 


Braiding short hair is not rocket science, it only requires practice and time especially if you are a beginner. The secret to making neat and beautiful braids even on short hairs is by choosing the right style and making sure you hold the hair root firmly. Always go for styles that are protective of the hair and watch your short hair rock awesome hairstyles.


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