An Overview of Testolone Dosage, Working and Results


Do you want to know about Testolone dosage and how it works? In this article, we will give an overview of the very popular compound Testolone.

In the following article, we will discuss all the information about Testolone, so people interested can make the right decision. After knowing this, you will consume supplements in the best possible way to get the maximum benefits.

We will learn about the Testolone cycle and how it works. We will talk about Testolone dosage, its working and the results that are obtained after using it. Read on!


Testolone Dosage

Here are the Testolone dosage(per day) guidelines:

  • Beginner Testolone Dosage: 10 mg 
  • Intermediate Testolone Dosage: 15 mg 
  • Advanced Testolone  Dosage: 30 mg

Testolone can be used alone or can be mixed with other SARMs to get more beneficial results. The optimum Testlone dosage is 10 mg daily. It is recommended to consume the same dosage for about an 8-week cycle to get benefits.

Combination 1

  • One of the combinations that you can use is Testolone with MK-677 and S23. 
  • These three can be consumed for 8 weeks cycle. 
  • In this combination, Testolone and S23 dosage is 10 mg while the dosage of MK-677 is 30 mg.
  • By consuming this combination of three products in the 8-week cycle, users can gain weight of up to 10 kg.  

Combination 2

  • Testolone can also be used with LGD 4033 and it can give amazing results.
  • This combination is consumed for a cycle of 6 weeks to get significant results.
  • In this combination, the dosage of both Testolone and LGD 4033 dosage is 10 mg. This is suggested for those who are beginners.
  • Both of these products have similar mechanisms and they have high anabolic activity.
  • They have also their own unique benefits. They are very highly effective.


How Testolone works?

Testolone is a SARM and it acts on androgen receptors present in the body. These receptors like Ostarine, YK11 and many others are activated by Testolone.

Testolone is also known as RAD140. Testolone acts on the bone and muscle receptors because it has a high affinity for them. It helps in gaining muscle mass quickly. 

After ingestion, Testolone starts working in the body. It binds to skeletal muscle androgen receptors. After binding, it signals the body to increase muscle mass. After consuming for a week, users notice changes like muscle growth, increased output ability, fat loss and a fast recovery period.


Results of Testolone Dosage

Many users notice prominent results after consuming Testolone for a week. After completing the 8-week cycle, the effects and results are more noticeable. Testolone is a highly anabolic substance and if you are committed to a healthy diet, results can be achieved pretty much fast. After using Testonone, the following results are obtained:

  • Increase in Lean Muscle Mass

Testolone increases the lean muscle mass. A hard workout session is much needed, if you are serious about gaining muscle mass. After consuming Testolone, go for a workout to make your muscles heavy. Testolone increases the amount of protein synthesis in the body. These proteins repair the damaged parts or tissues very quickly. An increase in protein synthesis helps in gaining a significant muscle mass.

  • Increase in Endurance

Testolone is effective for increasing the metabolic rate of the body. An increase in metabolic rate leads to the metabolism of the stored energy. Testolone has another benefit of reducing the recovery period. During workouts, you will notice a fast recovery. This substance also helps the users to focus on their goals and aims. Overall, it is effective to increase endurance and energy without any side effects.

  • Promote fat burning

If you start consuming Testolone, it will help in fat loss. Testolone is very effective in burning the body’s fats. On the other hand, it increases muscle mass which is also helpful in reducing body fat. It also helps in burning calories and therefore promotes fat loss in the body.

  • Increase in Energy

Along with all the above benefits, Testolone also increases the testosterone level. An increase in testosterone levels boosts the energy and stamina. So, workouts can be performed easily and fast. This is also helpful in burning body fats quickly. All these benefits help in gaining body weight at a faster rate.


  • What are the main side effects of consuming Testolone?

Some potential side effects of Testolone are testosterone suppression, increased blood pressure, and mild acne. 

  • How much Testolone dosage is recommended daily?

This depends on whether you are a beginner or advanced user. For a beginner, it is 10mg per day. While an advanced user can consume 20mg per day.


Testolone helps you to gain muscle mass quickly and bodybuilders are obsessed with it. However, it is not an approved drug because it has some side effects as well. So, Testolone dosage should be optimum and avoid consuming more than 15mg per day. In this article, we covered all the information related to Testolone and now you are well familiar with it. To get the best benefits, you should follow a healthy diet plan through which you can get all the nutrients and healthy substances of the formula. In addition, you need to be very disciplined as more strength training means more muscle mass gains. 


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