What is the testolone dosage? 

Otherwise known as Testolone. SARM has rapidly gained popularity in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. It has increased muscle mass, strength, and fat burning without the common side effects of  anabolic steroids. It is the most powerful. According to SARM and an opinion from users, all the so-called non-steroidal compounds have the effects of anabolic steroids. 

 Testolone dosage the anabolic to androgenic ratio is also extremely low (80:1). This ratio means that it has a huge impact on muscle building. While it has a very low androgenic effect, users quickly gain a  large amount of muscle mass and strength. Without adding human-like features like body/facial hair,  voice changes. And this is the main reason why this compound becomes so popular for women and men who want to avoid these effects. 


As it is used by these persons. Those looking to increase lean muscle mass strength while burning fat. 

  • Increased strength: 

 Taking this compound increases potency. Which you can get from any SARM. Anecdotal experiments have recorded very high increases in potency. 

Fat Loss: RAD-140 can significantly burn fat while building muscle and increasing strength. • Less androgenic effects: 

 As mentioned in the previous section, RAD-140 shows very few androgenic side effects. This is what it means. that all individuals can take this compound without developing human-like characteristics. This is especially positive when women take RAD-140 and when men or women use it for several cycles.

  • Less estrogenic effects: 

RAD-140 produces little if any estrogenic effects. This means that it will not cause gyno. or will not increase water retention. Because of the association between increased water weight and high blood pressure, RAD-140 is unlikely to affect blood pressure during cycling. 

  • Heavy muscle pumps: 

 Cycling this compound can greatly improve muscle pumps during training, as well as look fuller, tighter,  and more vascular during the day. 

Great feeling: This is just from taking the compound, not to mention the positive mindset and confidence that will only come with the results of the user experience. Testolone 

Adverse effects: 

Testosterone Suppression: One of the most common side effects, and almost every man who uses a  testosterone compound, will experience suppression of their natural testosterone production. This is why proper post-cycle therapy (PCT) is so important after completing a cycle. A natural testosterone  

booster is not enough, instead use a compound such as Nolvadex, Clomid, or a product containing them.  More so for Rad-140 so be sure to follow these precautions. 

Altered liver enzymes or liver function: Less damaging to RAD-140. When compared to its steroid alternatives, it proves to be a very good option. This does not mean it is a completely safe process though, so after completing a cycle users should get a blood test done to ensure the cycle is working properly. 

Blood pressure: RAD-140 may increase blood pressure. Although it does not cause water retention, other compounds that do are much less likely to do so than LDG-4033. Although users should monitor it throughout their liver as a precaution. Testolone 

Dosage and cycle length 

Users need to consider their progress in using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) when choosing a  dosage and cycle length. If a person has never used a PED, they may experience much greater improvement from a lower dose than an advanced PED user and lower doses may have fewer side effects. Testolone 


 A dose of 30-20mg is taken once a day. 

The half-life of RAD-140 is 15-20 hours. 

And because of this, there is no need to spread the dose 2 times a day. 

Cycle length: 8-12 hours. 

The reason for this is simply, that stopping at 6 weeks would be selling yourself with minimal or no reduction in side effects. When the 8 weeks are completed, muscle and strength gains can be assessed along with any side effects, and if it would be appropriate to continue the 12-week cycle. 

The most effective way to use a dose throughout the cycle is to increase the dose as you go. Such as starting at 20mg for the first 8 weeks and then increasing to 30mg in the last 4 weeks. This will ensure that the user is growing at the same rate throughout the cycle as opposed to an initial plateau. 


The best dose to use is 5-10mg once a day. 

However, in the case of women who are competitors and want to gain a lot of muscle, mg15 is the highest and best-recommended dosage. 

The only reason for this is to stop at 6 weeks and sell yourself for minimal and no side effects. While the  8 weeks are completed, muscle and strength gains can easily be measured with no side effects, but if it is appropriate and necessary to continue the 12-week cycle. Testolone

The most effective way to use the dose throughout the cycle is to increase the dose as you go. Such as starting at 5mg for the first 8 weeks and then increasing to 8-10mg in the last 4 weeks. This will ensure that customers continue to grow at the same rate throughout the cycle as opposed to an initial plateau. 

Final Thoughts: 

RAD-140 is a very potent compound that holds its own if not at the top of the heart rankings on generics made by SARMs. It very effectively allows individuals to build muscle, gain strength and burn fat, and reach and advance their fitness goals. 

And it is important to consider the side effects that may be experienced only then. When an individual is deciding whether to use RAD-140 or stop using it. If an individual chooses to do so, it should be monitored for possible side effects during its use. 

 And proper steps must be taken after the cycle. 

For example, implementing an effective PCT and possibly having a blood test to look at their natural testosterone production, liver function, and cholesterol can be an important and very important step.

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